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Psychiatric rehabilitation program (PRP)

Our PRP works to assist individuals with mental illness to improve life skills that will enable them to live in their community more independently.  PRP services is an extension of therapy. We work collaboratively with clients, their family, and therapist to address the individual's existing psychiatric diagnosis. 

our services

Group Services

We offer reoccurring group sessions through community outings, events, and creative activities to assist individuals with developing skills needed to live more independently. We also offer psycho-educational themed group sessions to engage clients through creative expression that will assist them with managing their diagnosis. 

Individual Services​

We offer 1:1 rehabilitation services in community settings or the client’s home to assist clients with reaching their full potential.  These services include:

  • Therapeutic Mentoring​

  • Supportive Employment Assistance

  • Entitlement Support Assistance

  • Community Resource Accessibility Assistance.  

  • Health and Wellness

  • Grooming

  • Financial Literacy

  • Support For Independent Living


BBHCN accepts individuals of all ages that has been diagnosed with a mental health disorder and currently working with a licensed professional, such as a therapist or psychiatrist.  If you are not actively working with a therapist, contact us to connect with our licensed staff for services. 

Referral Process

1. All clients we serve for PRP services are required to be referred by a licensed therapist. 

2. Upon receipt of referral and approval into program, an assessment is performed in-home/in-office

3. A treatment plan is developed based on the assessment

4. A rehabilitation counselor is assigned to the client to begin services

Payment options

We currently accept Maryland Medicaid

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